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봄 바람
Key is my Ultimate, Kris is my galaxy but Chad is my Future.
Come Fly With Me
Kaseru - About Me
Style Five - Splash Free!
Granrodeo - Can Do
Oldcodex - Rage On
Granrodeo - Other Self

during minho's birthday party

(when they were talking about how minho teases but doesn't actually act on what he says)
Jonghyun: Key-goon teases me oftenly too.
Key: I've already stopped doing that. It's too dangerous.
Jonghyun: Because you're at the losing end.
Key: I only got to know recently that it is dangerous...
Jonghyun: He teases me oftenly. Then once, I jokingly kissed him. After that incident, he doesn't dare to tease me anymore.