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1,086w ; pg ; fluff

Jonghyun’s had a bad day and Kibum has just the right remedy. 

a/n: this is for jjongie-pongie because they guessed my height lmao (also they’re a total sweetie so there’s that ;w;) this isn’t my best work - i haven’t written in so long i’m a little rusty, so sorry ;; (this can also maybe count as a belated Jonghyun birthday fic? idk haha happy birthday anyway, dummy) 

Kibum wrung his hands nervously together, eyes darting between the clock hanging above the sink and his apartment door. Jonghyun was due to be home at any moment, clad in that oversized coat and the bundle of scarves he seemed to get around everywhere in lately, his cheeks and nose tinged pink from the throbbing outside cold. It had been a while since Kibum had been so nervous, the last time being the day he asked the elder out: his fingers glued determinedly to the tips of his fringe, the then light brown strands twiddling between the pads of his fingertips as he had mumbled out the words.
This time, rather than it being the more nausea-inducing nervousness, what Kibum felt was something akin to anticipation - it bubbled inside of him, tingling at his insides and flipping his stomach just at the mere thought.

He was getting restless though, knuckles thrumming some unknown song against the countertop, bottom lip sucked between his teeth. It had been something Kibum had been planning for weeks - not an easy feat when your boyfriend spends most of his time hauled up in your room, fingers strumming successions of chords and throat itching with words that just begged to be listened to (or rather, jonghyun begged for him to). Nonetheless, he had gone through with it, even lost sleep over it, and was determined for Jonghyun to appreciate his efforts in some way or another.

He was so lost in his thoughts he barely heard the key in the door, the slight hiss of a swear word as someone fumbled with the lock, followed by the small rugged up shape of a man he could only call his own stumbling through the doorway.

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