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don’t you just hate it when you want to get to know someone but you have no idea what to talk about

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Me: WHO THE FUCK TOOK MY oh there it is
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girls are SOOOO pretty i wish boys could take a hint and pick up their fucking game. get some eye liner you hillbilly cavemen

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So far this year, I’ve heard alot of “worst year for kpop”, “I want 2014 to be over already”, etc., and I even agreed with some. But, I have been thinking about it, and my question is (other than the angels we lost on the way, and the accidents that occurred), what was so bad about 2014 for kpop? the fact that your idol finally broke away from their ball and chain? The fact that some of them had spoken their minds and had shown their true colors? Finding out that they finally found someone that they wanted to be with?

Sometimes we need to remember is that at the end of the day our idols have to do what they think is best for them, whether they were dating, leaving their company, ending a contract, or taking a break. Some don’t make the best choices, and unfortunately we can’t do anything about it, but please don’t attempt to make excuses or stories about why they do these things, you just encourage the behavior. 

I’m so proud of the idols who finally left their companies, ended their contracts, got married, started a relationship, going through something rough in their lives, or are taking a break. I’m glad to see them finally living life happily and doing what they love, with her fans standing behind them.

Also, please support ALL idols in general who are debuting as solo artists or groups whether you like them or not, because it probably means alot to them that they are getting so much support, just imagine how scared they are wondering if they’ll fail or not, because they are working very hard to become just like their seniors and make their new fans proud.

Overall, this year was never a “bad” year for kpop, sure it had it’s ups and downs, but the year isn’t even over yet, so please just look towards the future and hope for the best, because for all we know the best news could come about for a company, group, or an idol. 

yes that’s all true, but what you also need to realize is that kpop is an industry as well. Yes, for fans, really, apart from the horrible accident and the death of Eunbi and Rise , it was not that bad of a year for kpop. The idols that left and the “dating scandals” that happned does not equate to a “bad year for kpop”, in a way, it’s all positive, especially for the idols we care so much for.

but from a financial, marketing and industry stand point — kpop2k14 has been complete shit. stocks have dropped drastically for more companies than just SME, and bull shit has been going on inside the companies that we’re not 100% sure of the details. So really, it’s been shit. A lot of negative things have happened that for sure have their upsides, but the industry is suffering for it. Which also means the idols still active are losing money and opportunities etc etc, so it may not be “the worst thing ever” but it has not been a good year.

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i feel weird being a multishipper sometimes???? like everyone else is arguing and bashing each other and crying and i’m just like


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